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DENK MAL AM ORT (DMAO) is a non-profit project managed by the charity organization KUBIN e.V. DMAO commemorates individuals and families who were persecuted during the Nazi era in Germany. We pay tribute to them at original sites, a former apartment, a courtyard, a garden, a cellar, a stairwell, in front of a residential building, a workplace, a university or where they hid from their persecutors.

DMAO encourages current tenants of those apartments or houses to research the life of their former neighbors and to remember them in a ceremony open to the public. The names of the former neighbors, fragments of their biographies, stories of their persecution gradually emerge through talks, readings, exhibitions, installations, drawings, texts, music, sound, film, poetry, song and more.

DMAO takes place annually the weekend following the date that marks the liberation in the given city by the Allied Forces. In 2020 DMAO-commemoration events are held in Frankfurt/Main (4 and 5 April), in Munich (2 and 3 May) and in Berlin (9 and 10 May).

Since the start of DMAO in 2016 Shoah survivors, children and grandchildren of survivors returned from Israel, Argentina, USA, Australia, England and the Netherlands to Berlin to commemorate their lost families in their former homes. Some of them gave a speech or talked to the current tenants in public, giving the huge interested audience a view of what persecution has done to them in their daily life - until today.

Since 2019 we are in close cooperation with a group of human rights activists and artists in Bucharest who are on their way to start a similar initiative in Romania.


DENK MAL AM ORT  ist eine persönliche Erinnerung an einen Menschen oder eine Familie, die während der NS-Zeit verfolgt wurde.


DENK MAL AM ORT findet statt an den authentischen Wohn- und Lebensorten in Berlin, München, Frankfurt am Main.


Am jeweils ersten Wochenende, das auf das Kriegsende in Berlin, München und Frankfurt am Main folgt, werden Haus- und Wohnungstüren geöffnet. Die Namen unserer ehemaligen Nachbarn, Bruchstücke ihrer Biografien, Verfolgungs- und Fluchtgeschichten werden sichtbar in Gesprächen, Lesungen, Installationen, Zeichnungen, Texten, Musik, Audio, Film, Poesie, Gesang und mehr.


2016 hat Berlin erstmalig an 16 authentischen Orten mit 20 Gedenkveranstaltungen der Vertriebenen und Ermordeten der Stadt gedacht.


2019 haben über 1000 Menschen an 24 Orten mit 28 Veranstaltungen an die ehemaligen Berlinerinnen und Berliner erinnert.


75 Jahre nach Ende des Zweiten Weltkrieges erinnern wir mit DENK MAL AM ORT 2020 erstmals auch in München und Frankfurt am Main an unsere ehemaligen Nachbarn.